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School Commission

Assumption Catholic School Mission Statement
Assumption Catholic School, a ministry of the Church of the Assumption, provides excellent Catholic Education to students of Whatcom County. A rigorous curriculum is the foundation that nurtures the whole student in body, mind, and spirit. All students are expected to reach their potential, achieve a strong faith in God to go forth and make a lasting difference in the world.

The following comes from the Archdiocese of Seattle's Consultative Leadership document Many Gifts, One Spirit:

The overall purpose of the School Commission is to advise and support the pastor and principal in the operation of the parish school. School Commissions may be responsible for the following:

  • Collaborating with the pastor and principal in educating the parish as a whole about the importance of the school, while building a sense of connection with the overall parish mission;
  • Collaborating with the pastor and principal in educating other parishes about the school’s mission;
  • Working collaboratively with the pastoral council and other consultative bodies;
  • Becoming familiar with church documents relating to the mission of Catholic education and Archdiocesan policies relating to the operation of parish schools;
  • Acting in an advisory capacity to the pastor and principal in matters of general policy recommendations and on-going strategic plans for the school; and
  • Fulfilling these functions in collaboration with the pastor and principal and within the context of parish priorities and goals.

The School Commission is responsible for the following:

Public Relations:

  • Communicating with various public groups or interested persons about the school;
  • Recruiting students; and
  • Promoting the school to the parish and parents.


  • Determining whether Commission goals and plans are being met; and
  • Evaluating the Commission’s own effectiveness.

The School Commission serves the pastor and principal as a consultative body. In the spirit of collaboration, the Commission recognizes the role and authority of the pastor and the principal as his delegate, while the pastor and principal respect the authentic witness and expertise offered by the commission members. All parties work collaboratively to build consensus.

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